Book Driven Reading Program

Book Exchange & Book Club

We started “Book Driven” a read & share book exchange club for kids to encourage reading and to improve grade level reading score in underscoring “Title 1” schools.

book-driven1There’s nothing like a good book to escape into for a child that has too much time on his/ her hands, as a distraction for a child that is unattended or to escape “into” for a child’s enjoyment while improving reading skills. Our Book Driven Program is a book exchange programs & book clubs in Title 1 elementary & middle schools to encourage reading, provide a free book source for kids and to increase grade level reading scores.

Students are provided with new and slightly used books donated by our organization, community supporters and from solicited book donations from the Delray Beach Ed Board & the Delray Beach Public Library and donors like YOU that share our commitment to promote reading for enjoyment and improve “grade level” reading in public schools that are under-performing.

Our goal to put a book in every child’s hands to read, shared & exchanged with other readers in their schools and households. Elementary school students that read (# tbd) books per semester for the school year will receive an “Book Driven” Certificate of Achievement and for every book that is read, documented and confirmed (by our judges) we will add a raffle ticket with their name on it into a school drawings for great prizes to be awarded at the end of each semester and a pizza party for their class. The more they read, the more chances they have to win. (Rules and terms apply). Kids that read (tbd minimum # of) books or more per semester will be entered into our contest to win $100, $50, $25 or a $10 Visa gift card or a gift card from an approved retail location of their choice – subject to committee verification and contest rules – books must be age appropriate and on our reading list or the reader can submit a book for approval. Gift cards will be provided and presented by One Love-One Community Foundation, Inc.

Books must be read & reports have to be completed prior to the deadline and according to the guidelines established for our Book Driven Program. Program facilitator may question any student’s submission and have the right to disqualify submission based on the rules of the program.

This program is made possible by book donations from One Love-One Community Foundation, Inc., the City of Delray Education Board, Delray Beach Library, book donors, program volunteers and sponsors!
Each book report submission is subject to verification; students will be requested answer questions regarding the material to verify their submission via website or volunteers.

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Book Driven Reading Program

There’s nothing like a good book to escape into for a child that has too much time on his/ her hands, as a distraction for a child that is unattended or to escape “into” for a child’s enjoyment while improving reading skills. Our Book Driven Program is a book exchange programs & book clubs in…

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