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“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

Nelson Mandela

Kind Gestures Closets

Our “Kind Gestures” Clothes Closets are established in Title 1 elementary & middle schools as part of our “Adopt A School” Programs. Our closets provide school free new & used uniforms, casual and formal wear/shoes & accessories. Students are able to shop for the essential items that they need without spending a dime. In addition to uniforms/school clothes, we provide (when available): underclothes, athletic wear, prom dresses,…

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Help our “Happiness Fund”

happiness_fund200Every kid deserves one special day! Through Adopt A School programs in Title 1 we are able to identify students “in need” that could use some “happy” in their lives. We bring happiness to an unsuspecting child by doing a birthday or pizza party for them at their school or outside venue, by sponsoring fun outings…

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Our kids need books!


Help us kids increase recreational reading & improve reading skills by donating books to our kids – all reading level needed and comic books. Our readers need books! Our kid’s families can’t afford to purchase books for personal reading and they don’t make visit to the local libraries because it not in their neighborhood; many of them lack the means to get there…

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Adopt a School

adopt_a_school200Our “One Love-One Community Adopt-A-School Program identifies and recruits business and industry supporters collaborate with to sponsor a school. Some of the ways proposed for businesses and industries to help students are to provide role models, tutor students, give mini-course lectures, share hobbies, give club sponsorship, sponsor contests, and provide industry specific guidance and…

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“Safety First” Free Bike Helmet Program

bike-helmet200The goal of our “Safety First” Free Bike Helmet Program is to save lives by reducing head injuries and trauma associated with bicycles accidents by providing young bike riders with a “properly fitted” bike helmet. Our “Safety First” Bike Helmet Program targets student bike riders & skateboarders in elementary and middle schools. The students are “properly fitted by trained in-school staff and our trained assistants….

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Dry Walk Program

dry-walk200Many of our students walk to and from school often needing rainy weather gear during the rainy season. Many students arrive to school soaked & wet from walking to school in the rain. Many students find it difficult to concentrate in class when they are wet “from head to head” and/or may miss more days from school due to illnesses from sitting in cold, air-conditioned classrooms in “wet clothes most of the day. Our “Dry Walk” Program provide free

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Fully Equipped Program

fully_equipped200Our “Fully Equipped” backpacks & school supplies program makes it possible for every student to have what they need to succeed in the classroom if their parents cannot provide for them. Each school year, kids in the elementary and middle schools that we serve are provided with new backpacks filled with all of the required supplies for their grade level, as per the Palm Beach School Board supply list. Our commitment…

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Dressed to Code

dress-to-code200Our school “Dressed to Code” uniform program assures that no child will miss a day of school because they lack the proper uniform clothing required to meet the school dress code. We provide students with collared (polo) shirts, pants, and shoes who might otherwise miss a day of school due to noncompliance with their school’s dress code policy.

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Holiday “Gift Givers” Program


Every year, our “Gift Givers” Program provides holiday gifts to many kids who would not receive a gift if it was not provided by our organization and our biggest supporter, Spirit of Giving”! With the support of Spirit of Giving, we are able to provide holiday gifts to the many kids on our Santa’s list in Palm Beach County. Last December, we received and provided age appropriate holiday gifts to the children at Pine Grove Elementary School, Orchardview Elementary School, Plumosa Elementary School of the Arts, and Carver Middle School in Delray Beach. We were also able to provide for their siblings and other kids in need that were referred to us locally in Palm Beach County.

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The “Hi Jean” Project”


Our “Hi Jean” Project” was established to address the monthly need of girls that cannot afford feminine hygiene products or just need products to address an unexpected incidents in school.

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Be a Volunteer

Can you spare “just” 20-30 minutes of your time, just a few days a week to make a difference in the world? We are a corporation formed for charitable purposes to engage in youth, family, and community development programming in order to improve the lives of underserved residents. Our primary mission is to revitalize communities, to stimulate community growth and, hopefully, improve the lives of underserved residents. Volunteer!

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