Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer In The Spotlight

Mrs. Maureen Tocio is a true gift to our organization and our girls who our girls all refer to as “Mom” or “Granny” ! . She generously sharing so much of herself with the girls in our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Program. She is like a mother and a grandmother to the many girls in our program. She is always so sweet and so great with the girls. Mrs. Maureen came to us last year to time as a volunteer after she heard about our girl mentoring program through her granddaughter Melissa who’s is in Junior League-Boca Raton, a generous supporter of the girls in our mentoring program. She “just fit right-in” and immediately started helping out wherever help was a needed! She is always concerned and looking for ways to help out with our girls who affectingly call her “Mom”! The girls found out that she crochet wanted to learn how to crochet when they found out that she crocheted so she went to her church sewing group to get yarn donations and she purchased crochet hooks for the girls. She patiently taught them how to crochet. We are so appreciative of her kindness and her commitment to our girls. We are happy to have Mom supports and look forward to seeing her weekly with her big smiles and her very big heart! She is an amazing lady and we truly love her!

Eddie White

If there where such a person as a real magical wizard, ” Eddy White” would definitely one! His work is beautiful, creative and eye catching; it’s unforgettable! I loved his work at “first sight”!

The dedication & attention he gave to our projects as a volunteer was beyond my expectations. He was like a mind reader! He listen, asked questions and delivered beautiful designs that we are truly proud of and that tell our story beautifully. We no longer have to apologize for our embarrassing or lack of information material – Now, we proudly display our new program logos, company banners, information sheets & t-shirt designs. We are truly grateful for the dedication that Eddy White gave to our projects & his deliverables. We’re so happy! Check out some the design projects for our organization:

Winners By Design
Kind Gestures Clothes Closets
One Strong Girls Enrichment Conference

He also created attractive banners & beautiful marketing material for our programs that you will find on our site!

There is truly “no way” to pay for a blessing but to “pay-foward.” Please help us pay-forward by sharing his information & my recommendations with your clients, friends & company that are in need of a great graphic designer. He’s reasonable & professional. He is timely and delivers, as promised! You can see more of his beautiful, impressive & professional graphic design work at: www.eddywhitedesign.com

Thank you Eddy White for the amazing gift of your talent & your time!

Roslyn Siders

RoslynSiders_VolunteerIt is great having Roslyn Siders on our team! She is great role model for the girls in our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Programs and she is also a teacher at our Carver Middle School location. It is comforting to have someone at our school sites that our girls are comfortable opening up to and can go to for assistance. It is great for them to always have “go to person” during the day to provide guidance & reinforcement of our expectations of them as member of our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Program.

Mrs Roslyn Sider’s involvement has allowed us to serve more people in need of our assistance and to provide more services/programs to a greater population in the communities that we serve. She is a hands-on person that is always willing to offer her support for our girls, projects and events. She just jumps right in to help out wherever and whenever help is needed without ever being asked. She’s looks for ways to help us out and to offers invaluable guidance to our girls and other students at Carver Middle School that can benefit from the assistance and resources that we can provide. We can always count on her to be there to help out with our projects, events and activities because I know, we can always count on her to deliver as promised and much more than we would ever expect of her because of her keen insight and commitment to our kids, their families and our communities. She is always posed to be “proactive” not “reactive” and we need that, in order to be able to address the immediate needs of our girls and the needs of those in our underserved communities!

Mrs.Siders has accepted our invitation to become a member of our “Board of Directors”. We are excited to welcome her our team! With Roslyn’s help we be able to help more and do more for our kids, their families and our communities! Thank you Roslyn!

Please join us as welcome Mrs. Roslyn Siders to our One Love-One Community Board of Directors!

Shiela Bethal

Shelia Bethel said that she was listening to her radio one morning and heard me on a talk show talking about our programs and community projects in Delray Beach so she took my phone number down and called me. I couldn’t wait to meet her in person so we scheduled a time for us to meet in several weeks later at Pine Grove Elementary School – a Title 1 School in Delray Beach.

Mrs Bethel was all that I had imagined her to be. Her passion and love for her kids and her community was refreshing and heartfelt was apparent over the phone. She was a one-person powerhouse when it came to “her kids” in her school! She made it her mission to find resources and community partners to help her provide many of the things that her kids and families needed. Shiela created and stocked her own in-school resource center for the kids and their families. She it collected and provided slightly worn & new school uniforms and worked tirelessly establishing relationships with community partners that could help her provide the things that many of her kids families could not provide. She reminded me of the person I see when “I look in the mirror”! 🙂

Her selfless heart is gigantic and she loves her kids as if they were her own. Her passion and love for her kids made me want to help her provide more for her kids that had so little. She welcomed me into her classroom and starting telling me stories about “her kids” like a proud mamma! I was so impressed with her love of children and her concerns from them that extend beyond the classroom. She wanted “her kids” to enjoy the things that other kids enjoyed when money wasn’t a problem and resources weren’t limited. She wanted to make sure that they had food in their homes over the weekend and that their basic needs were being met in and outside of school. She was interested in and wanted to talk to me about what it would take for us to do our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Program at her school. She shared stories about “her girls” and her school that pulled at my heartstrings. She got my attention and several weeks later we started a weekly in-school “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Program at Pine Grove Elementary School in Delray Beach.

I wanted to do more so we added “Pine Grove Elementary to our “Adopt A School Program”. I personally worked with the girls’ wishlists and with Mrs. Bethal’s list of needs (I always added a few fun surprises). We provided the with school backpacks with school supplies, bike helmets for their student bike riders, clothing & shoes for the kids, holiday gifts, kids books, prizes, pizza parties for birthdays and special school occasions. As well as, other surprises for the kids!

Sheila reciprocated by volunteering for our organization. Sheila started showing at our community events and programs asking to volunteer her personal time to help. She because a dedicate volunteer at our annual Juneteenth event & other community family fun day events in the parks and helped us with the local “Back to School Bash”. A has also been a great help with clothes closets and book drives. When we started offering free bike helmets for bike riders and she immediately signed up for our bike safety training program so that she could learn how to properly fit her student bike riders with bike helmets. She has also become my first contact when I can’t find something our kids or families need – I just ask Sheila because if there’s a source out there that can help us – Sheila will find it!

Every non-profit organization “needs a Sheila” type person! I am grateful to have her on my team and happy that she has agreed to become a member of our “Board of Directors” again!

Abby Murrell

Abby_VolunteerThere was an automatic connection and synergy when I met Abby ten years ago. She’s so selfless and so giving of herself to the community of Delray Beach. Her heart and her focus aligns with our mission “to provide services and programs that improved the lives of residents in underserved communities .

Abby, as a staff member of the City of Delay Beach – Park and Recreation Department she has provided many recreational opportunities that engage individuals, families & the community. We are both focused on providing programs/events that strengthen relationships within our neighborhoods and actively work together at developing partnerships that have continued to provide resources to local residents that go beyond their park experiences. We have enjoyed collaborating on many community projects, activities and family events since our organization first teamed up with Catherine Strong Park to support their first “Spring Festival” in 1995. We were happy to be a sponsor and to take part in the celebration of their “10th Annual Spring Festival” on April 4, 2015 – (See our gallery for pictures of the day’s events.)

When we established our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Programs at Carver Middle and Pine Grove Elementary Schools, Abby embraced them with same love and care that she consistently gives when there is an opportunity for her lend herself to help us support our community. Abby’ has often times offered her lend her help as a chaperon, volunteer and the provider of many learning opportunities for our girls and community. She has been wonderful to work with and she is genuinely passionate about the community that we serve, as well.

We are truly grateful to have Abby’s “hands-on” support as a volunteer and the support of the City of Delray Beach Park & Recreation Department!

Ed Shakespierre

Ed Shakespierre & I met prior the devastating earthquake in Haiti; we felt a synergy when we first met. I felt his heart and his passion… I saw myself in him! Ed & I share the same passion, drive and love for the underserved communities that strive to provide for. We immediately became each other’s supporter and teammates. Later, I asked Ed to join our “One Love-One Community Foundation, Inc. – Board of Directors in 2007. I was honored when he gladly accepted my invitation and came a member of our board. Ed Shakespierre is a person that I admire and respect whole-heartily. I am honored to be his friend, partner and a resource for his community. I am humbled that he calls me his friend and allows me to call him the same.

When I met first met in Ed Shakespierre in 2006, I could tell that he was a man on a mission! He was passionate, caring and focused on his heart-driven goal to provide opportunities and resources to his local communities and his underserved community in Haiti. We shared a common love for and commitment to “want to help others in underserved areas” – me, in Delray Beach & Palm Beach County and him, here in South Florida & in Haiti, his homeland that was later affect (directly or indirectly) by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Over the years, our friendship and partnership has grown; it is one that I cherish and love because of his commitment and my commitment to both our causes. Ed Shakespierre is driven like me; we are both passionate about some to the same cause – almost to the point of obsession. We are driven by our missions to help those that are underserved and we refuse to accept failure as an option!

Ed Shakespierre is always there for me and has always had my support and admiration. He has always supported our organization whenever we have ask for his assistance. He has been my contact person when we need assistance on how to address the needs our Haitian community when their needs go beyond our means and our mission. We often times ask for his involvement to facilitate and to translate for us so that he helps us to understand how to better help the Haitian families in the communities that we serve. He take the time to understand their needs and advising us how we help or if can we better help letting him manage their issues. He has been there for us as whenever we reach out to him to help us address the needs of the Haitian communities that we have actively served since 2004, long before the devastating earthquake in Haiti. He is our conduit – I am always humbled to be at the same table with a man as caring, giving and humbled, as Ed Shakespierre!

It was an honor and truly a lifetime memory that I will forever cherish when Ed Shakespierre personally asked me to plan and host the Delray Beach location for their “First Annual “Bike Ride to Commemorate the Earthquake” in Haiti”. I reminded him that I was not “Haitian” but he said my heart was and he wanted me do it anyway! I was honored and I gladly accepted the privilege and tasks of planning the first “Color of Hope 2011 Memorial Bike Ride” Ceremony in front of City Hall in Delray Beach, Florida. With care and commitment I plan a ceremony to respectful remember the loss lives in Haiti’s 2010 earthquake and to bring awareness to the “needs of our new Haitian families” here in Palm Beach County and their love ones still in Haiti” struggling to survive every day. It was a memorable and humbling event. I was honored that Ed Shakespierre chose me to me apart of such an important event in the Haitian community. I have never lost sight of his mission or the needs of our Haitian communities – I know that Ed knows that! I also know that he is & he always has been there to help us better serve our underserved communities!

I am honored to have Ed on our team and as a friend. Ed Shakepierre’s challenges are great as he struggles to find the many resources needed to help to rebuild Haiti and to provide assistance for Haitians community here in Florida. We have supported his efforts prior to 2010 major earthquake in Haiti and we continue to support him today with donations and by supporting his fundraising events. For more information about his organization – check out his website at : www.colorofhope.org

Kathleen Woods

kathleenwoods_volunteerThe thing I love most about Kathleen is that she is like our fairy godmother! We never knew when she was going to drop off surprises or goodies for the girls; often times, her daughter (who was in our “Winners By Design” Mentoring Program) didn’t know that she was the one who had dropped off goodies. I would walk into the front office at Carver Middle School and there would be goodies for the girls in our mentoring program with “no note or name”. The front office would always keep her secret and only tell me they were from one of the moms of my one of our “Winners By Design” girls. Kathleen would never leave a note – “sometimes”, there would simply be a yellow “Post It” note that simply said, “Kathleen”. Often times, she would not tell her daughter and she never mentioned it to me although we both served on the same school committee. There was always an element of surprise when she dropped off the goodies and we never knew when they were coming or see her bring them. She never brought healthy snacks…The girls like that! J It’s always nice to have someone do something nice to surprise our girls – they really appreciated it and… I do too! Thank you Kathleen for all that you do for our girls!

Kamal - Tech Support

There is one volunteer that I will never be able to thank enough for coming to my rescue at crazy hours days, nights & weekends when i couldn’t get my computer to work because it was really me with the problem! He has always been supportive and patient when often times I just wanted to quit! He has helped me with my all of my computers and software problems for many years – all hours of the day, nights, weekends and holidays. He is always pleasant and always himself available to help me. He is my hero!

For the many times that interrupted him multiple times because I “couldn’t get my computer to work” – I just want to take this time to say to my son, “Thank you for your patience and for being the best tech support person” ever (and son)! I am sorry for the crazy hours, for not being a good listener at times and for playing the “mommy card” too often, sometimes!

I would like to say, “Thank you” to my son for the many times he rescued me from my computer, provided me with great technical support and for letting me pay him with smiles!

Det. Danielle Quinn

Quinn_VolunteerDetective Daniela Quinn volunteered for our organization as a community partner and a mentor for the girls in our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Program. Her commitment and involvement far exceeded our expectations. She was a hands-on and dedicated volunteer! She met with our girls weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays; Daniela volunteered 2-3 hours on each of her 40+ after-school visits to meet with the girls in our mentoring program at Carver Middle School in Delray Beach.

In addition to volunteering at our weekly scheduled meeting times, Daniela also gave great birthday parties for the girls, chaperoned on field trips & weekend outings. Her commitment went beyond our scheduled program; she still makes herself available to us, our girls and their families outside of our program hours. She has taken it upon herself to make home visits to address concerns that involved our girls and to meet with parents to help them resolve issues with their daughters that attended our mentoring programs.

Daniela has always offered “firm but fair” resolutions; she is a great a problem solver! We can always count on her to be supportive! She is an incredible role model for our girls, a truly wonderful person and a committed volunteer! Although, she no longer volunteers for us; she still continues to offers her assistance whenever we ask her for help. We are truly grateful to her for commitment to our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Program and for her contribution to our organization.

Derline Pierre-Louis

Derline_VolunteerDerline and I had crossed paths many times over the years as volunteers on several committees and community projects. We had an immediate connection because we shared a passion for helping and providing services to kids in undeserved communities. I got to know Derline better after serving on the planning committee for first “Haitian Flag Day Celebration” in Delray Beach and later on a committee for an after school sport program. I was impressed with her honest evaluations and her work ethics.

To say that Derline is an organized and responsible person would be a “great understatement”! I knew that Derline would be a great asset to our team so I asked her to be a part of our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Program” team. She immediately said, “Yes! Count me in!” and she committed herself by giving generously of her time, resources and her support to our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Program. Derline immediately jumped in, hitting the ground running with me. She brought with her a wealth knowledge & culture awareness that was very helpful for many of our girls that were displaced because of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 that were trying to get acclimated to our american culture and lifestyle.

Derline’s organizational skills, attention to details and communicate skills were just what was needed to keep our girls on the right track and to facilitate discussions with the many of our students & their parents that spoke little or no English. By example, Derline was an outstanding role model and would settle for nothing less from the girls in our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Program. I am grateful to her for involvement, support and for helping to make our girls mentoring program a success!

Crystal Payne

Crystal Payne single-handily put together a full service health clinic two years in a row for our Juneteenth Celebration & Health Fair in Delray Beach, Florida. Crystal was working at the Palm Beach Health Department when she called us in 2010 to get more information about our first Juneteenth Celebration & Health Fair. I shared my vision for the Juneteenth event and my goals for our health fair; she asked how she could help us and wanted to know if we could use a volunteer… That call was the beginning of great things to come.

Crystal immediate became a part of our team; she bought a wealth of health information & resources but more importantly she bought a brilliant contagious smile and a passion for helping the underserved community we were targeting to serve! Crystal immediately became a part of our team and committed herself to making our event a successful one (even before we ever met in person)

Crystal created a health clinic with the health resources, screenings and testing. She made even the most difficult tasks appear to be effortless and her attention to details was beyond reproach. Crystal “made the health fair” a successful event for the attendees, the health service providers and for our organization. When we asked Crystal to come back in 2011… She said, “Of course, I will” and it was like continuation of the first year…just bigger and more successful that the first

“Volunteers like Crystal Payne are like rare gems. It was truly a pleasure to work with her and she will always be one of the most memorable volunteers that I have worked with. I can still see her smile every time I think of her. Crystal won’t physically be with us this year because she has moved to Washington D.C. but I know she will always be a call away, if I need her.” – Barbara Haider, CEO/Founder

Junior League Boca Raton - “Done in A Day”

placeholder165We are always thankful for the clothing donations that we receive for our in-school “Kind Gestures” Clothes Closets but sometimes the blessings add up quicker than we can sort and distribute them. Sometimes it becomes more than we can manage so we are so happy to have the help of Junior League – Boca Roca. We can always count on the Junior League ladies to help us sort, fold or hang clothes and to help us keep our “Kindness Gesture” Clothes Closets organized.. The ladies are amazing! Check out our “before and after” photos of our closet cleanup project by Junior League’s DIAD volunteers. Thank you ladies; we love you!

Kendra Dejarnett

placeholder165Kendra responded to our job posting for a “Social Media Community Administrator” to take on the challenge of organizing our existing social media sites, establishing new social media outlets and the responsibility for daily maintenance for all of our accounts prior to our annual “Healthy & Free” Juneteenth event. Kendra was solely responsible for our Facebook accounts, Facebook Pages, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr, You Tube, Dropbox and other social media accounts. In addition to daily responsibilities that included posting news updates, photo postings, promoting our sites and recruiting Twitter followers.

Kendra managed the information and postings to the social media sites of our entertainers, media and public sites. Kendra methodically worked through the hundreds of emails, texts, and documents to keep our followers, entertainers & their fans updated at all times. She worked diligently; often times steering the projects direction.

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