red-heartWhat can we say but “Thank you” although it seems like never enough… Never enough ways to “tell them” how much and how grateful we are for their help and support; never enough ways to “show them” the impact on the lives that have been touched by their kindness and unselfish giving… There will “never be a way” to count that lives that their donations and support have directly and indirectly touched long after they (the donor) have forgotten about the gift (intangible or tangible) that they have unselfishly given to help people they may never know. Although saying “Thank you” is the only means we can give to communicate the gratitude of the recipients- the kindness is often remember long after the donor has given and for many years after the donor even remembers giving their donation.

For all of the donors that have help us to make a difference in the lives of those we serve – “We appreciate your kindness!” We know that “we have changed lives” and made a difference in the lives of so many children, adults and families in under-served communities in Palm Beach County because they have told us so. We have heard from adults that we have assisted when they were just teens and heard from adults that I often times can’t remember helping years ago that go out of their way when the see me to said “Thank you”! They always thank us for the help that we were able to provide to them because of the wonderful people, agencies and companies that have partnered with us to help so many others; for the many others that we have helped with your help -“Thank you”!

Your kindness and thoughtfulness is appreciated more than you will “ever know” and we will always be grateful to you for helping us, help so many people that you may “never know” but still provided for so unselfishly! Thank you to all of “our partners” for their help and for providing us with the support to help so many others!


Barbara Haider

Thank you to all of our “supporters” that are looking for ways to give-back, we appreciate your help and ask that you please support our partners: