Michael Singer & Bermil Foundation make it possible to "see far"!

Seaview Optical in Delray Beach

seaviewWe are grateful to Michael Singer with the Bermil Foundation for supporting our “Winners By Design” Girls Mentoring Program at Carver Middle School in Delray Beach.

Since his first visit to our program this spring, Michael Singer jumped right in and offered his assistance by offering to sponsor
glasses for one of our girls that was desperately in need of glasses. A day later, Michael made a trip to Seaview Optical in Delray Beach to arrangements for her to receive an eye exam and glasses. An appointment was scheduled. her eyes tested and she was able to receive glasses on the same day of appointment.

Michael Singer’s “let’s not let this wait” effort made it possible for her eye exam sponsored Seaview Optical in Delray Beach and he personally paid for her glasses. What an amazing “act of kindness and generosity”!

If a picture says a thousand words, a smile tells it all! Our girl came to our “Winners By Design” Mentoring Program afterschool with the biggest smile ever! She was so happy to be able to see what see had been missing and proud of her new stylish “Michael Kors” glasses! As she put it, “Now, that I have my new glasses, I can see the world better! Now, I don’t have problems looking far!” What a great gift to give a child! It took someone named Michael Singer to hear her story and immediate took action make it possible for her to “see far”!

We are truly grateful to Michael for his gifts and the efforts that he personally made to make it happen. We are also truly grateful to the wonderful people at Seaview Optical who provided and sponsored the eye exam. We will encourage everyone to support Seaview Optical in Delray Beach; they are truly a business that really cares!

For information about Seaview Optical check out their website at www.delrayeyes.com