Crying over shoes!

It’s not everyday that a special “act of kindness” brings Mrs.Haider to tears but she can’t help crying when telling the story of a girl that took her shoes off to give them to her friend who’s pair shoes had fallen apart and they tried to “fix”them but they couldn’t be repaired. The teacher called Mrs. Haider on her cell phone and Mrs. Haider hurried to the school to replace them with a pair from her “Kind Gestures” Clothes Closet. Mrs. Haider was so impressed with the caring gesture and the efforts of the girls that she asked the principal if she could arrange something special for her to do for the girls and she did. The girls, the school principal and Mrs.Haider enjoyed a girls lunch out with the three young ladies – Mrs. Haider’s treat! Fyi- Mrs. Haider still get emotional and tearful every time she mentions the admiration she has for these young ladies. She told them that they were really special and that she admired their friendship and caring hearts! She was also very thankful to Mrs. Prophete, the principal at Carver Middle School who shared her admiration for the girls and made the lunch date possible with the parent’s permissions. It was a wonderful experience for the girls… all five of them!