Our Mission

To engage in youth, family, and community development programming and related activities in order to improve the lives in underserved communities.

The One Love – One Community Foundation, Inc. provides school-based youth programs and community outreach events free of charge to underserved students and schools in Palm Beach County. Our programs bring together an extensive mix of providers, the resources from our established community partnerships, and trusted voices and role models, to directly and positively impact students and schools in need.

We believe that kids should not fail or perform poorly in school because they are not adequately prepared for school due to financial hardships. Our School Ready Programs don’t provide “extras,” they provide the essentials for kids that are in need at the schools we serve. When students are not distracted by basic needs, and are adequately equipped for the classroom, they can concentrate on learning and fully participate in school.

Our Winners by Design Girls Mentoring Program is a school-based mentoring program that provides a safe environment for elementary and middle school age girls to learn life skills and participate in age-appropriate activities. While the program is designed to help them become positive role models for their peers and the community, it also equips them with the leadership, communication, and decision-making skills that are conducive to happy, healthy lives.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to revitalize communities that are underserved and to strengthen the bond among its neighbors that would not only raise the level of involvement in their community but would also create partnership that would stimulate community growth.

  • To engage in youth, families, and community development programming and related activities in order to improve the lives of underserved residents.
  • To endeavor to improve cooperation among all youth, families and communities through educational, digital inclusion, and cultural outreach programs and events which provide opportunities for achievement for all and promote healing, reconciliation, and peaceful community interaction and unity among its residents.
  • To facilitate partnerships between the business sector and educational institutions (elementary and/or secondary schools) to ensure equity of resources, a plethora of experiences, and well-founded relationships among youth, families, teachers, and the business community.
  • To prevent adversarial and violent acts between youth by providing tangible nonviolent, collaborative alternatives and solutions to violence.

Kind Words About Us